Flights to London will lead you to one of the busiest airports namely, Heathrow Airport. This is the busiest airport in the whole of London which is the largest city in Europe. Flights to London can even be made directly from Johannesburg (O.R Thambo International Airport) by British Airways, South African Airways or Virgin Atlantic. This trip will take approximately 11-12 hours with the modern airplanes that we use today. The distance it takes to get there directly is over 9000 km away.

Heathrow Airport is so busy, that it is classified as the 3rd busiest airport in the world with over 70 million passengers travelling through its doors in 2014 alone. The airport wasn’t always the giant as it is today. It was originally designed in 1929 as a small airport handling only small planes, and was re designed in 1944 but by the time it was completed, the world war 2 was over and the re designed airport was changed for commercial and civil use and not for military as it was originally designed for.

Besides Flights to London Leading you to Heathrow Airport, London itself is as diversified of a city as they come. Flights to London will not only let you experience the absolutely amazing night life, but also some of its more famous attractions such as the Tower of London, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace – That is home to the Queen, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, one of its many Museums , and much more.

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