On 1time.co.za you can book through Travelstart that offers you cheap Domestic Flights from South Africa to anywhere in the world. We offer you access to 500 airlines and more than 11 000 destinations with our Domestic flights booking system.


  • Johannesburg to Cape Town – From R1000
  • Lanseria to Cape Town – From R961
  • Johannesburg to Durban – From R818
  • Durban to Cape Town – R997
  • Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth – R1238

Getting cheap domestic flights across South Africa no longer has to be a mission. You can simple go on to 1time.co.za and check for Domestic Flights that match your search criteria and make your booking online. Your details will stay safe with us as we use Travelstart that allows you to make your booking from anywhere in the world with ease.

Flying around South Africa is a pleasure due to our great airlines and the many Domestic Flights we give you options too. A flight from Johannesburg to Durban only takes about 50 minutes. That means that in less than an hour u can be at the beach enjoying the sun, great weather and the sea. A flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, so you can enjoy the beautiful wine routes in no time at all.

The airlines that make Domestic Flights are:

  • SAA (South African Airways) – Currently the largest domestic airline in South Africa.
  • British Airways – An airline that offers a good balance of fair ticket prices whilst delivering a good service level.
  • Mango – Although Mango is also owned by SAA (South African Airways) they can still deliver cheap Domestic Flights to passengers.
  • Kulula – They offer cheap plane tickets and are known for their in-house entertainment. There bright green colours have successfully been capturing the public’s attention since their launch in 2001.

So if Domestic flights is what you seek, look no further!